Šibenik, Croatia

Marine and environmental electrochemistry in the era of new technologies

You are cordially invited to the 36th Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, which will be held in Šibenik, Croatia, from 26 to 29 May 2024.

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The coastal town of Šibenik is a typically Mediterranean town on the middle Adriatic Sea and is located in the indented Šibenik Bay, where the beautiful karst Krka River flows into the sea. In 1895, this small town was the first in the world to have street lighting powered by alternating current, which made it a symbolic place to hold electrochemical meeting.

Šibenik is a place with a rich cultural and natural heritage. It is one of the five towns in the world with two UNESCO treasures - the St. James Cathedral and the St. Nicholas’ Fortress. Near Šibenik you can visit two national parks - Kornati and Krka. Kornati is the densest archipelago in the Adriatic, while Krka is a karst river with seven travertine waterfalls, which are a fundamental phenomenon of this river.

Due to unique historical monuments, the town of Šibenik, together with Dubrovnik and Split, appears as a filming location in three episodes of the fifth season of the hit series Game of Thrones. The natural diversity of Šibenik and its surrounding is breathtaking, ranging from the typical Mediterranean coast to the inland with the highest mountain in Croatia. The Šibenik coast offers the possibility to enjoy the beaches and all it has to offer with a pleasant degree of privacy. Šibenik is also well known for its gastronomy, cultural and entertainment events that offer unique and more than pleasant atmosphere for the tourists.